MP’s hypocrisy over PFi is astounding

I write in reply to the letter from Mary Creagh MP.

Her hypocrisy is astounding.

The last Labour government subjected the NHS to more reforms than it had been inflicted with in it’s entire history.

These Labour reforms increased marketisation and opened up the NHS to further private takeover.

It is a myth that private financed developments did not add to NHS debt. They cost on average 4-5 times more than publicly funded schemes whilst the private sector milks massive profits for the next 30-35 years!

The commercial confidentiality of PFI contracts enables profiteering to be hidden from public scrutiny.

Between 1997 and 2006, Labour privatised twice as many public assets as the previous Tory governments had done in 18 years. Labour privatised at four times the rate as had the Tories!

A real socialist alternative is an urgent necessity. All the main parties and UKIP alike, compete to see which one of them can blast us backwards the fastest to 1930’s conditions.

Mick Griffiths

Westfield View