No tricks, just sweet treats

I just had to share this with you, to share with Wakefield that our young people are far nicer than they are given credit for.

This evening, Halloween normally means some have issues with young people but a group of youngsters in Normanton have changed this the past two years.

They have, for the second year running been calling at people’s houses GIVING OUT sweets.

Last year just a couple of sweets but this year four sweets and a little poem which reads

“Halloween’s a time of year

Children give a loud cheer

Filled with laughter, filled with fear

It’s shrieks and giggles that you’ll hear

But there’s a twist just from us

Its not a bag filled with puss

We’re here to give treats to you

And hope you have a happy Halloween too.


I don’t know their identities but I certainly think this is worth a mention,

it certainly warms the heart to know that despite everything happening in the world today such simple kindness can still be found.

Simon Lowe

Martin Street