PFI is one of the problems

I read with great interest the lead letter on January 9.

I have waited to see the response from MP’s and found them as always playing the blame game.

We need solutions not political point scoring. PFI is one of the problems, the huge cost being an enormous drain on resources.

Since competition and market forces were introduced into the NHS, the ethos of working in a public service has been lost.

I have a wish lists for the NHS, the main points are as follows.

1. MP’s should stop campaigned for multiple local hospitals to stay open when clinically and financially it is best that they close. They should think of the service not their votes.

2. Form a cross party parliamentary committee to determine a way forward for ten years at least, to stop the constant reorganisation every five years. Changes agreed should be introduced gradually not all at once.

3. Abolish competition between health providers as this stifles the circulation of good practice both clinical and financial.

4. Put an end to targets, particularly in A and E where treatment should be given strictly according to clinical need and priority.

5. Disband NHS untrained staff cannot possibly cope with telephone triage, that even trained GP’s find difficult.

6. How about the old concept of cottage hospitals to take patients waiting for community care packages. They could be staffed by highly trained non degree nurses who left who left the NHS when the use of degree nurses became the norm, retired nurses wishing to work part time and volunteers.

Come on people of Wakefield and district get involved lets hear your suggestions.

Rita Halpenny

Chevet Lane