Politicians with memory loss

How that we all could suffer from the same amnesia that M.P. Mary Creagh has with regards to the N.H.S.

She praises PFI which has saddled trusts with millions of pounds of debt for years to come.

And was it not the last Labour health secretary that handed over Hinchingbrook hospital Cambridgeshire to a private health care provider? The same hospital the latest C.Q.C. inspection has been found wanting over some would say dubious findings.

And let us not forget Tony Blair’s open door policy which allowed unprecedented immigration, all of whom need a G.P. and health care, or would Ms Creagh have us believe they all came with private health insurance.

I would not trust any politician with the N.H.S. most of them don’t use it.

What’s needed is someone who has worked in a real job- not a career politician- but has a proven track record running a successful company to look at one hospital, cut down on waste and managers and any more hangers on, not touching nurses, doctors,clinicians,cleaners porters ect,and when this is viable, roll it out over all of the UK.

Judy Goodwin