Preposterous pronouncements

I fully agree with the letter by R. Sheard Express October 31st: ‘Decision just beggars belief.’

We regularly see the results of such decisions as the turbine in Ossett because councils and public services are awash with preposterous people who make preposterous decisions.

Placing a turbine in the wind tunnel of that section of the M1 however, means that it shouldn’t be too long before the motor has collapsed, a blade or two has fallen off and it’s reduced to the more useful role of scrap.

In the same week the police are preening themselves having caught a gang of carjackers. To do this ‘complex’ thing they had to: visit scenes: recover and view CCTV: go house to house: use forensic opportunities: receive and evaluate intelligence: obtain and execute warrants: do mobile phone work: liaise with other forces: do surveillance and a have little bit of luck. Only a preposterous organisation could make the decision to turn ‘doing the job’ into a list of accomplishments.

Similar masters of the preposterous, Mid-Yorkshire Hospital Trust, reassure us that despite Healthwatch Wakefield giving its prior warning of an ‘enter and view’ visit (to Queen Elizabeth House) the place was found in a pretty disgraceful state. Yet the trust tell us that prior to Healthwatch Wakefield’s’ visit they had already recognised issues that needed to be addressed through its own’ systems for monitoring quality’. Only a preposterous organisation could turn ‘not doing the job’ into praise for an organisation that It’s in bed with. Be very assured when an organisation uses the words ‘patient experiences as a tool’ and ‘going forward’ in the same breath, it’s an organisation full of preposterous people and equally preposterous decisions.

Duncan L.Long

Coxley Crescent