Pulling the wool over our eyes

In reply to Denise Jeffery’s letter regarding Mr Calvert’s comments on the Wakefield Market issue in which she suggests that Mr Calvert has a complete lac of awareness about what has and is taking place in Wakefield.

It seems like Coun Jeffery is using the same piece of wool to pull over our eyes as Coun Dagger when he stated via this newspaper that Wakefield has a fantastic market, shortly before it was announced that it was to be pulled down.

She goes on to state that a pot of money was set aside to help in 2014.

There would be no need to provide a fund if the council did it right in the first place by not letting the architect design a building that is twice as tall as needed, looking like a giant spider.

It’s too clinical and doesn’t resemble what a market should look and feel like.

I have worked in Wakefield for 52 years and the vast majority of my customers have always given the thanks down to the new market.

So I strongly suggest that Coun Jeffery raise more attention to the opinions of the people of Wakefield.

An ideal place for the outdoor market stalls would be Brook Street and give it back the footfall that was taken away when the old market was closed.

S Roberts

Wrenthorpe Road