Queues, queues and more queues

I must congratulate Wakefield Council on having created, with the assistance of Shanks, yet another frustrating and unnecessary queuing system in the city.

They have managed to create a virtual log jam of traffic trying to get out of the city over Chantry Bridge, another queue snaking back across the same bridge attempting to access Thornes Lane and Ings Road, yet another line of vehicles waiting to exit Ings Road onto Doncaster Road and Barnsley Road resulting in all kinds of antics outside Halfords by drivers making “U” turns to jump the queue.

Now we have another at the super new recycling site at Denby Dale Road! An open site, blank canvas and they still manage to create havoc for the poor driver trying to recycle his/her rubbish.

How did the architects, experts, consultants and heaven knows who, manage to decide that parallel parking at the end of the skips is the most efficient and effective way to get waste from vehicles into the relevant container?

I have visited twice, first time it was fairly quiet and I parked and unloaded with ease. Today was a different matter, a queue down the ramp with cars waiting to unload, staff trying to move vehicles up to spaces, drivers not able to stop adjacent to the relevant skip.

Parallel parking cuts the available space down by over 75% causing frustration both for the public and staff.

Did any of the “experts” visit the temporary site in town which was very efficient and very user friendly? I think they took a wider range of recycling items than Denby Dale as well.

Did they talk to the operatives who actually work at the site?

Is the council determined to push the public into throwing everything into landfill, or worse, fly tipping?

I’m going back to Welbeck, if it’s still open. A longer journey but a more user friendly experience.

Dave White