Recycling plant is a waste

Don’t you just love Socialism; as practised by Wakefield Council? Of the duds by the duds and for the duds; as Churchill would observe.

No longer capable of running anything itself, it now relies on partners to get anything done.

Its latest fiasco over in South Kirkby is its most expensive job creation project to date. Sixty jobs created at a cost of £12.5 million a job.

Rather appropriately as Wakefield used to proclaim it was the proud ‘Seat’ of the West Riding.

Wakefield Council has teamed up with Shanks and can now proudly proclaim Wakefield to be the ‘toilet seat’ of West Yorkshire.

I understand Wakefield Council has a Climate Change Officer. How embarrassing for them and their ‘warmist’ scaremongering when their flagship recycling project falls flat on its face because of a frozen river.

How confusing for children who in Wakefield’s schools are being misled that the polar ice caps are melting and we are all going to hell in a handcart.

Recycling Wakefield’s household waste does not require a £750 million plant.

Or rather it wouldn’t if Wakefield Council were not kowtowing to their fellow socialists in Brussels. After removing plastic, paper,glass and aluminium most household waste can happily go to land fill cheaply and safely; if it’s managed properly.

But there lies the rub; if Wakefield Council ever managed anything properly it would be hell that froze over and not the Hudson River.

Mr D. L Long

Coxley Crescent,