‘Save NHS from privatisation’

Do you realise that the NHS as we know it, is in process of being demolished and privatised?

With the general election just over four months away, the NHS is sure to be a vital vote-catching area.

However, we must ask why so little communication of real substance has been forthcoming from any of the political parties

The oft-repeated slogan, “the NHS is safe in our hands” has become meaningless as the three main parties have presided over an increasing rate of service sell-off to the private sector.

A private member’s bill (Clive Efford) is trying to reverse this process but is making slow and uncertain Parliamentary progress.

The Bill does not seem not to be attracting Party support.

There are odd mumblings about repealing or substantially modifying the disastrous Social Care Act of 2012 but there are no clear plans to do anything.

Furthermore, the potential threat posed by the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP), in which the EU is negotiating a free trade agreement with the USA, seems to be progressing without any serious attempt , by any party, to halt it.

When we find that this pact could put the entire NHS up for International auction, then why the silence from Parliament and our MPs.

We need to save the NHS from these various threats and the only sure way currently, is to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill proposed by Professor Allyson Pollock and supported by Lord David Owen.

Any political party that fails to support this proposed bill should surely loose our vote if we truly care about the NHS.

The NHS remains a political football so why are there no serious proposals to finally take it out of politics?

We the undersigned would welcome comment from our local politicians of all political parties

You can support the NHS reinstatement Bill by going to www.nhsbill2015.org/

Signed: All retired from NHS

Dr A Ismail Director of pathology Services

Mr B Wood lay advisor

Mr D Hutchinson Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon,

Mrs J Mathur RGN

Dr M Galvin Consultant Haematologist and lead clinician Haematology

Dr N Mathur Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr S Firn Consultant Anaesthetist

Mrs S Wood RGN