Store would cause chaos

With regards to the plans being submitted to build a convenience store at Horbury Bridge in what is currently the car park of the Ship Inn, Bridge Road. 
There are two well known accident black spots in this immediate area already, without any more traffic such a store would bring.

This proposed development is immediately opposite an already existing convenience store, which has served the area well for the past 40 years and includes the Post Office.

Within 100 yards is St John’s Church, which also houses a community centre. What happens when there is a wedding or a funeral?

Adjacent to the church is the Horbury Bridge J&I Academy. The safety of the schoolchildren is paramount and the extra traffic such a development would bring doesn’t bear thinking about.

Within a half mile radius there are two garages, where one can purchase newspapers and a certain amount of groceries and confectionary, an antique shop, a hairdressers, two public houses (three if The Ship Inn is to remain open), a Chinese takeaway and a fish shop. Also close by is the Cinnamon Lounge and the Capri restaurant, both popular restaurants, not to mention two smaller cafes.

The main Huddersfield Road is also used to access the Go Outdoors sports centre and at least two commercial sites.

How anyone in their right minds could even consider building a convenience store on this site is beyond me. If approval was granted this would be plain stupidity. This is normally a busy road without taking into account the horrendous traffic hold ups at peak times. I have lived in this area for 47 years so I think this entitles me to express an opinion.

Joyce Turner,

Address supplied.