The cult of not using indicators

I was always led to believe that a basic requirement of learning to drive a motor vehicle was the use of the indicator.

You could be forgiven for thinking that driving examiners, and the law, no longer ask motorists to use their indicators.

In the last couple of years I have noticed in Wakefield (probably the same everywhere else) a huge increase in the number of motorists who are either too lazy or too arrogant to use their indicators.

Standing near the top of Wentworth Terrace recently it was astonishing to see, just over a few minutes, the number of vehicles which did not use their indicators.

Wentworth Terrace, now a ‘rat-run’, is an accident area waiting to happen.

I recently saw an elderly gentleman nearly mown down by a speeding, non-indicating car.

As a pedestrian, crossing side streets, it is also amazing the number of vehicles who simply ‘swing in’ with no indication of their interests to turn left.

The same thing applies to many vehicles standing at junctions and traffic lights.

The purpose of an indicator is to tell other drivers and pedestrians of your intention.

Maybe it is time for a clamp-down on this sloppy ‘driving’ before we have some more serious accidents.

John Roberts

St John’s Court