The NHS winners and losers

When reading the Express last week, I saw that four local MPs were holding 3,000 petitions against cuts to GPs.

Shouldn’t they be looking at the reasons why the NHS is in dire straights financially?

One reason, recently published, is the £2bn over a period of 12 months that it cost the NHS for tending to the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ of drunks and drug addicts.

Also, the cost to the police, ambulance service and for the council street cleaners who remove the debris left by the revellers.

Could all this be the result of the open all hours sale and supply of alcohol, brought in by one government in the vain hope it would relax people into the leisurely drinking - which we see elsewhere on the continent.

However it has certainly made some people reach and a lot more poor.

Apparently it has also made some of the NHS staff much more rich when we read of the couple made redundant and paid £1m between them before they were reemployed for one month and paid £16,000 between them.

Would one call this abusing the system?

The company that supplies drugs and has given millions to poorer countries, then charged the NHS £6 each for a drug which had cost them £1 to manufacture.

Who will be the next to join the band wagon?

James Bulmer

Whitehall Court, Peel Street, Horbury.