The signs are ‘ominous’ once again

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Twelve months ago I wrote to the Express with my disgust over the Labour Party’s aborted fire control centre in Wakefield, which is costing the public £5,000 a day to keep empty.

To date, despite massive ‘bribes’, £1.2m to encourage tenants in) to either businesses or government bodies, there have been no takers.

No government ministers or civil servants have been disciplined over this scandalous situation, leaving the PFI contractors howling with laughter all the way to the bank, whilst Ed Balls, the finance minster at the time, is still Labour’s shadow chancellor.

We now see the same MPs and civil servants wanting to spend some £35bn-£45bn on a high-speed train that is not required, needed, not wanted, will destroy the local environment and for which the country simply does not have the finances for, yet our local MPs are refusing once again to listen to the people who vote them in and continue support this project.

Is the fire control centre scandal not enough to tell them they are wrong? If not, perhaps they should look at the PFI hospitals and the overspend there.

The signs are ominous once again, but don’t hold your breath for common sense to prevail, you have seen it all before and it is going to cost you billions in the future unless sense prevails.

Paul Dainton

President of Residents Against Toxic Scheme