‘Vandalism on Newmarket Lane’

Regarding the cold storage warehouse, being erected on Newmarket lane.

The construction of such a building in that countryside location must be one of the worst cases of council planning vandalism in the country.

I’m sure others have raised the questionable planning permission for the industrial site, which was granted on the back of a new stadium for Wakefield Wildcats.

The council obviously pushed the popular Wildcats link and surprise - planning was granted.

Thankfully, they are now looking into staying at their historical Belle Vue base. This latest planning blunder by the council goes alongside others which include: the market, the Bullring fountain and the new pool with limited parking.

It yet again all smacks of incompetence and a scant disregard for the people of Wakefield.

The huge white box next to a country lane insults the environment and is the worst yet. There are industrial estates three miles east with other boxes where it could have been sited.

One could speculate, as to what was the council incentive to put it there?

Brian Kettel

Bottomboat Road,