Video Letter - I’m so ashamed of the litter, I’m clearing it up myself

I am writing as I am becoming increasingly concerned and disgusted with the state of Wakefield’s streets.

A few months ago I moved back to my native West Yorkshire and was immediately shocked by the enormity of the litter problem blighting this city.

Never have I seen such dirty streets as I have encountered here, and I have lived in various parts of Northern England, the Midlands and the South.

I am puzzled as to why Wakefield has such a problem. My own area of Eastmoor seems particularly bad and I have even started taking to the streets armed with a ‘litter-picker’ and bin bags to help the council in their never ending mission to clean up the estate.

Do people not care about where they live? Has community pride disappeared?

I urge the people of Wakefield to play their part in cleaning up this city. Putting litter in a bin or taking it home to me are the basics, but if everybody took some responsbility and kept their area litter free, then Wakefield would start to become the nice place it once was.

At the moment though, it’s nothing short of embarrassing, and what a shame this is.

Mark Collinson

Parkhill Crescent