Was stadium just a ploy ?

As a resident of Newmarket Lane and someone who opposed the loss of greenbelt land in the area can I comment on the report from last week’s Express on the dispute between supporters of Wakefield Wildcats and the council.

The fact that the intended building of a community stadium has stalled and two of the three parties integral to the original planning permission being granted are squabbling over whose fault it is, is ironic.

One of the main arguments against the granting of planning permission was that the stadium was just a ploy in order that the developer could gain permission to develop on greenbelt.

Anyone with any sense could see it isn’t in Yorkcourt’s interest to spend millions on a stadium that will never make money and always require a subsidy.

At the time of the original proposal we had three parties all requiring each others support. Wakefield Wildcats desperately needed a new stadium but had no funds to build.

Wakefield Council needed to be seen to be moving forward with the proposal after the debacle of the Thornes Park proposal and Yorkcourt property developers needed a way to develop on a large area of Greenbelt land they had purchased.

So the three came together with the Newmarket Lane proposal. I feel sorry for the supporters of the Wildcats they have been used so that the argument for the development could gain momentum, but it was always going to be the case and we argued this at the time the proposed stadium is just a Trojan horse used to gain access to build on a large area of greenbelt.

Many objectors at the time didn’t object against the stadium what they objected against was the situation that is currently unfolding loss of greenbelt to build big ugly boxes. I don’t like saying we told you so but we did.

Andrew Booth

Newmarket Lane