Water pipe leak is matter of urgency

Like Paul Dainton, and no doubt many other people, I have contacted Yorkshire Water to question why the substantial water leak on Birkwood Road had not been repaired.

Interestingly, the reasons I was given for the repair not being carried out are different from those given to Mr Dainton.

Firstly, I was told that Yorkshire Water didn’t have the necessary spare parts and had to order them; secondly I was told that the repair required a full closure of the road, and Wakefield Council had not granted permission; thirdly I was told that the works were due to begin a couple of weeks ago, but that Yorkshire Water’s contractor was not available to start work.

Whatever the real reason is for this leak not to have been fixed, water continues to pour across the road surface.

Might I suggest that Yorkshire Water, their contractors, and Wakefield Council get their act together, and repair this leak as a matter of urgency.

Simon Wilson

Bransdale Mews


Letter - Everyone needs to get their act together over leak