We don’t need another store in Horbury Bridge

I write in response to the letter in last week’s Express from Joyce Turner regarding the proposed convenience store at Horbury Bridge.

I note that Ms Turner gives an extensive list of current users of the area but it is somewhat short and does not include the extensive sporting and leisure facilities in the locality which greatly add to the parking/road usage.

The facilities referred to are Horbury Bridge Cricket Club, Reid Park bowling and children’s recreation areas and last but by no means least the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts whose hut is accessed from this road.

All of the above ensure that the road is already busy at all times, including evenings and weekends.

Given that the locality is already well served by a convenience store which is also an off licence, newsagents and post office, approval of planning for a second store and its associated traffic would be at best ridiculous and at worst dangerous and shows a bemusing lack of knowledge of the local area by the planning authority.

G A Clarkson