Welcome to our club

As per the letter from Ian Herring in a previous edition of the Wakefield Express, here we have yet another community in despair at the council’s decision to approve 200 new homes at Bedford Court Farm, Crofton, with the possibility of even more development.

Welcome to the club Mr Herring.

You must’ve read about the fight that residents of Ruskin Avenue and also Durkar Lane have had over recent years to stop housing developments in their respective communities.

All to no avail simply because the so-called councillors sticking their hands up in favour, don’t listen to basic common sense.

It’s all about money for the owners of the land, the developers and the council via council tax, and the £1,876,060 in government grants over six years as part of the New Homes Bonus Scheme.

They don’t care about the impact that these developments will have on the community with unbelievable increase in traffic, and the attendant air pollution, which in the case of Durkar Lane particularly affects school children.

Nor do they seriously consider the impact on the local infrastructure of health services, school places and public transport.

The approval of these developments are made by just a handful of councillors. How can so few inflict so much damage on so many?

Mr Herring is quite right when he says these decisions are disrespectful. I also say that they are an error of constitutional duty and of inconceivable misjudgment, which will inflict a devastating legacy for the residents now and for future generations.

They should hang their heads in shame.

Sheila M Littlewood

Durkar Lane