Your views: Here’s what YOU think about the Wakefield Westgate mural

The mural of London at Wakefield Westgate station - what do you think?
The mural of London at Wakefield Westgate station - what do you think?

The new mural at Wakefield Westgate Station has certainly got readers talking.

The controversial mural, commissioned by London North East Rail, depicts the London Skyline, and features landmarks including the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

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But commuters have begun to voice distaste for the mural, with many suggesting that it should instead be themed around Wakefield.

Here are just a few of your comments. Do you agree? Do you have a suggestion? Let us know by emailing

Rebecca Rollin said: “It makes no sense to have a London skyline painting, it should definitely be Wakefield as that’s where they are visiting.”

Ian Dawson commented: “I can just imagine a mural for Wakefield’s skyline, a row of high rise flats a cloud of smog and obviously the tip of the cathedral.”

Christopher Hudson said: “Don’t forget to show the derelict cinema, rubbish blowing about, empty shops and street beggars!”

Michael Graham: “A mural of Wakefield would be fantastic. You could include the Hepworth, the Cathedral, Chantry Chapel, Thornes Park...”

Stuart McAndrew: “Obviously Wakefield art would be more fitting but does anyone actually care?”

Becky Millington said: “They’re asking staff who work at the station which parts of Wakefield should be included on the mural on the opposite wall. Why not ask the residents of Wakefield?!”

Duncan Thompson added: “So presumably in Kings Cross there’s a lovely mural showing the Hepworth, Chantry Chapel etc?”

Paul Gibbs: “More importantly how much are these Murals costing fare paying passengers?”

Pamela Cartwright commented: “Well it’s been done and it looks very nice. Get a life always picking fault with everything. Someone as put a lot of time into that.”

George Ainslie said: “Wakefield is a gateway to our capital, and this shows how close we are and its only one wall. If this has inspired a mural about Wakefield on the other wall then it’s a good thing because I bet no one asked for a Wakefield mural when the walls were bare.”

Andrew Bell said: “Think we should have a running tally that shows how many delays and cancellations in a year, which is kept updated, would keep someone employed too!”

A spokesperson for London North East Rail confirmed that the mural was only the first step in the station’s regeneration.

They said: “I’m very happy that customers are already noticing the mural but they’re a bit quick off the mark in this instance.

“The mural does indeed focus on London as this is the main destination that our customers can travel to from Wakefield. However it is by no means the last change we’re making at the station.

“In the next few weeks, the opposite wall will be transformed into a ‘Welcome to Wakefield’ wall featuring images of local landmarks, encouraging visitors to explore the region. We’re currently discussing with the station staff about what should be featured on the wall.”