Your views on £15K spent on luxury mayoral cars

Wakefield Town Hall.
Wakefield Town Hall.

Readers were quick to leave their views on the news that Wakefield Council has spent almost £15,000 on maintaining two cars to ferry the district’s mayor to civic events since 2015.

The Express revealed that figures released by right-wing think tank The Taxpayer’s Alliance showed that the local authority put £14,680 of public money towards the upkeep of two Audi A8 vehicles.

The cars are used for official duties by the mayor, including community and charity events.

The amount spent includes the price of refuelling the cars.

FULL STORY: Almost £15K spent on Wakefield mayor’s luxury cars

Many of you left your views, the vast majority expressing their shock at the amount of money spent.

Karen Else commented: “Why do we need two cars? Surely they could have one car and use their own if needed. Perhaps they could drive around the area and look at the state of the place and come and speak to the people they are supposed to represent.”

Steve McPhie asked: “Who’s fixing them, the McLaren F1 team?”

Christopher Hudson added: “Why two? Any other council members getting free rides?”

There were a few comments calling for the mayor to be given a bus pass or call a local taxi firm.

Aijaz Mirza said: “Get him a bus pass or the phone number for one of the local taxi firms that has a Lexus or Audi in its ranks.”

Craig Bryceland added: “A free bus pass sounds more reasonable but then again drive there own cars to work like everyone else. I’d also be interested to see how much is raised for all the different charities the mayors have supported.”

There were also calls for the money to be spent elsewhere.

Linda Hepworth said: “Get the bus and put the money into the children services.”

Mark Jennings added: “What a waste of money, put it to social care.”

James Webb said; “Should go towards the failing children’s services.”

Janice Steadman added: “While homeless people die on the streets of Wakefield!”

Luke Senior made another point. He said: “Other councillors have to use their own car and pay for their own maintenance/fuel as they attend functions and carry out their council business as required. Why should someone get ferried around in a posh car wearing those ludicrous outfits because they’ve been granted the title of ‘mayor’ - without ever being elected to hold that office? It’s a joke.”

Keith Winn agreed; “If things are so tight why don’t they use their own cars. Why should councillors spend our council tax.”

But Jack Taylor said: “Did anyone bother to read it? It cost 15,000 to maintain AND fuel the cars since 2015, that isn’t exactly unreasonable. Personal fuel allowances would have paid out more if they used their own cars.”

Do you agree with these readers? What are your views?