Anger over Panini World Cup 2018 sticker price hike

By Stephen McIlkenny

For many, it’s one of the highlights of a major football tournament.

The run-up to a World Cup is a time when children (and nostalgic adults) start collecting football stickers and cards.

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However, the launch of the 2018 World Cup sticker album has been met with fury by some on social media after it was revealed that the price of a 5-pack of stickers had increased by 60% to 80p.

80p for Panini stickers is a national outrage

— nestor (@nystyr) March 22, 2018

And fans have reacted furiously to the news that there has been a 30p increase in a pack of five from the price of stickers 4 years ago.

According to reports, there are around 700 players in the sticker album, plus managers, stadiums and other extras with reports suggesting it would cost around £600 to complete the entire album.

Indeed, this year, a sticker costs 16p each with packs remaining the same size.

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Social media was abuzz ahead of the launch with fans excited for the launch and beginning the traditional collection, however, some have reacted with fury following the new price.

Nick Howe wrote: “Panini World Cup sticker album out tomorrow. I’m 48 year old and very excited.”

Stevie Green tweeted: The new panini stickers are 80p a packet? Pffft good luck with that”

Another wrote: “80p a pack of Panini world cup stickers #AgainstModernFootball”

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One chimed in writing: “So #Panini world cup stickers are 80p a pack this year? That’s me out. I can’t afford to spend £37 and get 14 Gary Cahill swaps.”

Cosmo Khan said: “80p for a pack of Panini stickers is worse than the tuition fees price rise”

Dan Ketch said: “80p a packet is a JOKE. Kids need a mortgage to complete the album.”

Matthew Reaks posted: “Remember when I was growing up, football stickers were 35p for a pack of 7. That’s 5p per sticker. For the upcoming 2018 World Cup it’s 80p for a pack of 5 which works out at 16p per sticker. Scandalous.”

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Fans used the Panini hashtag #GotGotNeed to voice their anger changing the phrase to #GotGotGreed.

Tom Marwood tweeted: “If you don’t think a 30% price rise on stickers doesn’t remove at least 30% of your fan base you’re deluded. #gotgotgreed”

Another added: “Daylight robbery, won’t be collecting this year #gotgotgreed”

Starting with the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, Panini has been publishing albums for every tournament since but the cost to complete the collection has never been higher.

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