Here's why people plan to play Bob Marley out of their windows at 7pm tonight

Friday, 10th April 2020, 9:45 am
Updated Friday, 10th April 2020, 10:03 am
As the UK lockdown continues, the nation is trying to stay positive and united in a multitude of different ways (Photo: Shutterstock)

As the UK lockdown continues, the nation is trying to stay positive and united in a multitude of different ways.

The One Love Festival is trying to keep people’s spirits up through the universal nature of music - more specifically, Bob Marley’s track, One Love.

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Tonight (Friday 10 April), the One Love Festival is encouraging the UK to open their windows, turn up their speakers and play the song at the same time, in order to keep people together during “isolating times”.

Why will people be playing Bob Marley this Friday?

One Love Festival posted on Facebook, “Friday night 7pm we all play One Love by Bob Marley, turn up your speakers, open your windows.

“We’re teaming up with a couple radio stations and also live streaming from One Love Festival Facebook page - you can also just use your own format and just press play, turn speakers up and open windows at 7pm to join in.

“Please let us know if you participating and where you going to be - please Forward and Share guys - peace and love.”

One Love Festival has been doing this for the past fews days, but is now encouraging others to get involved on Good Friday.

Why is this taking place?

In an earlier post, One Love Festival wrote on their Facebook page, “Reggae Music is never Isolated it always Unities the People - how about if everybody plays the same song on there speakers at the same time and opens all there windows throughout the country we could have that moment of Unity in these Isolating Times and one incredible Feeling that only Reggae can bring.”

How can I get involved?

To get involved, simply play One Love by Bob Marley at 7pm on Friday 10 April.

For more information, visit the One Love Festival Facebook page.

Similar events across the UK

Every Thursday at 8pm, Clap For Our Carers has been taking place, which sees people clap from their doors, windows and balconies to thank the continuous, hard working efforts of key workers during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Similar events have also been held in countries including Spain, France and the Netherlands.

Italians and Spanish people have also been singing from their balconies and playing musical instruments in order to lift the spirits of not only their families, but their neighbours during the pandemic.