Captain’s Column: Chance for younger Wildcats to make the step up at St Helens

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The mood in the camp has been a bit lower than it usually is because of the performance against Salford.

Not just because of how unhappy Rich was, but also because of the standards we set ourselves, we like to go out and do our best week in and week out, we’ve got to do that to be able to compete.

At the weekend we were way short of where we set ourselves to be and that’s the big thing the boys are disappointed about.

Pretty much everyone scored low on the self-assessment points system we have. Dean Collis rated highly - he’s in some really good form and Ben Cockayne is still doing his thing, but everyone needs to get back up to the required standards.

It’s important for us to do that and we know things will look after themselves if we manage to do that.

St Helens is going to be tough for us, we have a lot of players out but it gives the younger lads the chance to stake a claim for a place.

Chris Annakin is a prime example, he’s come in and not many people expected him to come in and play these games in a row and he’s done that on merit. He’s playing really well and it’s a chance for other people to follow that.

We’ve got a really good squad this year. It’s not as big as other squads but every can play Super League and a few people will get the chance this weekend to do it.

We are missing those senior players but it’s a chance for other players to step up into a senior role. Those people in the squad that normally take a bit of a quiter role - it’s up to them to step up.

We’ve still got a few great leaders in there in Richie Mathers and Paul Aiton who guide the team around the park, so we’re not too worried about that side of things.

You’ll notice Kyle Wood will be sporting a shaved head at St Helens!

We run a little bit of a forfeit system for little things like forgetting to weigh in.

It’s a bit of fun. We have a bingo machine and there are numbers inside that correlate to different forfeits. Martin Clawson likes to police it even though he doesn’t get involved - it’s a players’ thing.

I’ve mentioned Kyle for being tight before and he got a forfeit this week and didn’t want to pay the £50 fine for getting out of it.

Kyle loves his hair but I think he’s too tight to pay his way out of it so Woody now looks like something from Trainspotting!

My recovery is going quite well. I’ve been on the treadmill and picking the rehab up this week and it’s feeling quite good so I’m optimistic about it.

There hasn’t been any pressure on me so it’s a case of taking my time and making sure it’s healed properly so I come back 100 per cent.

The NRL started last week and we watched the Rabbittohs, or should that be the Burgess brothers?

Oli Wilkes runs a bit of a tipping competition for it. He won it last year. He was in second place all year and the winner got £350 and miracolously he got every one right on the last week to win it. He must have cheated!

- Danny.