Captain’s Column: Easter double-header is tough but crucial in shaping season

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Easter is a tough time for the players but it’s also an important time because if you do well at Easter then it can really change your season.

Things can look a lot different after both games and you can really kick on if you do well in them.

The Easter weekend is an old tradition in rugby league but I saw the comments of Hull KR head coach Craig Sandercock the other day and I thought what he said made sense.

He made the point that the shoulder charge was recently banned for the safety of the players yet two matches can still be played in the space of three days.

He has a point with it, I don’t think it makes much sense when you look at it that way.

If you’ve played the game you know just how hard it is to back it up with another performance a few days later, something that’s an even bigger problem for the older players in the game.

During a normal week it can be Wednesday or Thursday before you’ve really fully recovered from a match the previous weekend.

The double header is good for the fans and other people but it’s really tough on the players.

On a personal note I’m fit to play on Friday which I’m delighted about - I didn’t want to miss this one!

My grandma has a cafe in Castleford so there’s always a bit of banter there when I go on with me playing for Wakefield.

I went in earlier this week but I tend not to when it gets closer to the game - maybe I will after if we get the win!

I know Lee Gilmour and Keith Mason from my time at Huddersfield as well so that will add something to the game.

I played in matches against Cas’ a couple of times during my loan spell and played twice last season.

I missed the one we lost in last season and was involved in the other two wins.

They’re the matches you want to play in, the big matches. The atmosphere is always great in them.

They’re good old rugby league atmospheres with the fans really close to you at the Castleford match and they’re great to be involved in.

We’ve been taking a look at Castleford quite a lot this week on video in the run up to the game.

They’ve been pretty competitive in every game except Hull FC, so it’s going to be a dangerous game for us. It’s a big game for both teams. It’s important for us to get back to winning ways.

- Danny