Ambitious Wakefield FC put plans in place to climb up league ladder

AMBITIOUS: Wakefield FC director Pete Bevils.
AMBITIOUS: Wakefield FC director Pete Bevils.

Ambitious Wakefield FC have used the summer months to put plans in place they hope will eventually help push the club up the football pyramid.

The Bears have aims to eventually give the city a Football League club and the foundations have been put in place with the formation of a new company to run the Evo-Stik Premier League club.

Wakefield Football Development Ltd is headed by five directors, all of whom have long-standing relationships with the club and the city, and has been set-up to help bring new investment and a potential move to a new ground.

The club’s history will remain in place but director Pete Bevils believes the new company will help move Wakefield forward on and off the pitch.

“We’ve had quite a big restructure of the club over the summer,” he said.

“We’ve formed a new limited company, which allows us to tidy up the shareholding.

“Due to some previous management going back quite some time to the old Emley days, it was put in place where there were hundreds of shareholders and we found a lot of these were actually deceased or were not interested in the club anymore.

“Because we’ve got one eye on moving grounds, potentially with Wakefield Wildcats, we want to make sure we’ve got everything set-up properly.

“The club’s run by businessmen so we’d like to think we can do all that professionally and going forward we’ll look to put some of our own money in matched by funding from various organisations in order to build a ground that we can develop the club on.”

Wakefield, managed by Paul Lines, are currently playing four steps below the Football League and Bevils admits the transformation will not happen overnight.

But the club is aiming high, and their strategic development officer believes everything is clicking into place to give the Bears every chance of achieving their dream.

“We want League Two football, we don’t know when that’s going to happen but that’s what we’re driving for and we’re sure we’re capable of doing it,” he said.

“It’s going to take quite a few years, a lot of hard work and some other investors to come. We have got interest from other parties who are looking to invest in Wakefield FC and that’s because they’re Wakefield people and they share the same vision.

“As business people and people who’ve started companies and seen them grow we know about how to run an overview plan and a vision.

“I think we have got the capabilities to do that.

“I understand why some may stick their nose up and I’m not saying it’ll be in ten years, it might be 20 years.

“We know what it costs to get there and I think we’re capable of attracting the people and the crowds to fund it to go that far. We can see a path to the Conference North, that’s for sure.”

The club took on amateur status two seasons ago due to financial difficulties but has started paying players a minimal amount and hopes to increase that as the season progresses with one eye on a push for promotion in 2014-15.

“We’re paying a small amount, expenses really, but we don’t believe in paying any sort of big money unless we’re going to have a real go at it,” Bevils said.

“That’s probably going to start during this season, we’ll start looking at players who we think can take us up perhaps next season.

“In our minds we’d like to be able to have a go at promotion next season and if we manage to add a few players we might be somewhere there or thereabouts.

“The team’s certainly settled from last season, you can see a big difference so far and I think Paul deserves the chance to spend some money.”