Dom on the hunt for more glory after pro debut win

Dom Hunt (left) with trainer Junior Witter (centre) and fellow clubmate Chris Dutton, who also fought on The Contenders card in Doncaster.
Dom Hunt (left) with trainer Junior Witter (centre) and fellow clubmate Chris Dutton, who also fought on The Contenders card in Doncaster.

Dom Hunt got his career in the professional boxing ranks off to a solid start last weekend.

He claimed a 40-36 points victory over Matthew Hall after comfortably beating his opponent in all four rounds.

Hunt won Yorkshire Titles as an amateur.

Hunt won Yorkshire Titles as an amateur.

The 27-year-old Wakefield fighter felt that he didn’t reach his best but he still never looked in danger of losing the bout.

“The game plan was to keep it simple, not to try too much and just stick to the basics,” he said.

“It was good to get the whole experience of fighting on a big show and in front of hundreds of people.

“The pressure was there but I did what I had to do.

“I was nervous in the changing rooms beforehand. You are in there and you have got the likes of Charlie Edwards in the changing rooms.

“He is fighting for a world title on Sky Sports in a couple of weeks, so the nerves where there when you see the calibre of people that will be watching.”

Hunt’s opponent had over 20 fights under his belt heading into Saturday night’s show.

But the Wakefield boxer kept his cool to stay in control, despite Hall’s best efforts to throw him off.

Hunt said: “The guy that I fought was really experienced and he tried to use that early on.

“But as the fight went on, I managed to take over. It was a good fight to start with.

“Junior [Witter, Hunt’s trainer] was happy with me after, normally he tells me off because I like to have a bit of scrap.

“But this was the first time I stuck to the game plan and did exactly what he said.

“I boxed at range, didn’t take any silly shots and didn’t get involved in an inside wrestle or anything like that.

“There is still lots to work on but there are plenty of positives as well.

“It is straight back in the gym now, working on everything and just continuing to improve.”

The 27-year-old is hoping to fight at least five times in 2019 as he looks to work his way up the pro rankings.

Hunt says he will be training over the Christmas period to be ready for a possible fight early next year.

The Lupset-born boxer trains twice a day, five days a week. On Saturday he goes through a recovery session and gives himself just one day to rest.

He added: “I want to be ready to go first thing next year, I want to have about five or six fights next year. I want to work my way up the rankings as quickly as possible.

“We train from 8am in the morning, doing mainly cardio. It is either sprints, running or weight training. We are back in at 4pm and that is when we do our boxing which includes anything from pad work to sparring.

“We travel all over, sparring fighters who have had plenty of experience and that helps to bring me on a lot.”