Ex-Trinity player helping swimmer Joe to fast times

Swimmer Joe Seage.
Swimmer Joe Seage.

Former Wakefield Trinity player Martin Law has been working with Great Britain Para swimmer Joe Seage on the build-up to the prestigious British Para International Swimming Championships in Sheffield. 

Martin, a partner along with brother Graham at Generation Fit, joined the coaching team of swimming coach Alan Kirton and physiotherapist Steve Chambers to develop a specific training programme in order for 17-year old Joe to take on the world’s best swimmers in all four of the S14 Classified events.

The training package resulted in the young swimmer out-performing the coaches targets of making a couple of the world class finals.

Joe started the event with great swims in the 100m breaststroke heats and finals and became the fastest S14 for his age in the world, after touching first place in the final.

Joe’s next event was the 200m IM where he again made the final, setting a personal best time to become the second fastest S14 for his age in the world.

A third event, the 100m backstroke, saw Joe again qualify from the heats into the final where he swan even better to finish the second fastest S14 for his age in the world.

The final day of the competition saw Joe compete in the 200m freestyle where he set a huge two second personal best time to make a fourth consecutive final when he consolidated his heat swim and finished the third fastest S14 in the world for his age.

Joe’s mum Tracey said: “Joe really enjoys working with a great coaching team, who are all dedicated and enthusiastic in achieving their goals of competing in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

“The results from the international championships have left them in a strong position for the rest of the season. 

“After a couple of days rest the team will be back working on a twelve-week cycle before competing in the British Summer Championships.”

Head Coach Alan Kirton said: “Joe has worked hard over the last training cycle for preparation for theses championships. I think his results were very good, making world class finals in all events.

“The coaching team now need to sit down and reflect on the performance planning the way forward to his next competition in 12 weeks. 

“We have a long road ahead of us, however, with hard work and determination. I think we have the team in place to achieve 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.”

Joe said: “I want to thank all my coaches and family for helping me, I train six days a week and on some days.

“I do four hours in the pool and 90 minutes in the gym. I could not do this without their help and dedication. I also would like to thank everyone who came to watch at Sheffield Ponds forge and support me via live streaming-throughout these Championships.

New coach Martin added: “When I was asked to help out with a land based strength training program for Joe, I jumped at the opportunity, especially after meeting Joe himself and seeing his determination and dedication.

“Having being involved with Rugby League and more recently running outdoor fitness classes etc designing a program for a swimmer was a new challenge.

“Joe worked extremely hard and showed great improvements in his strength and power, which hopefully transferred to his performances in the pool. We were all really pleased with Joe’s efforts at the championships reaching all four finals. However, we now need to get together as a team and reflect on these championships and put a plan in place to help Joe achieve the success he deserves.”