Tour de Yorkshire 2019: From race times to road closures - here's all you need to know as it passes through Wakefield

From road closures to bin collections here's all you need to know:
From road closures to bin collections here's all you need to know:

The Tour de Yorkshire is making a welcome to return to the Wakefield district this Friday.

But as welcome as the great cycling race is, it also brings some disruption to the area.

From road closures to bin collections here's all you need to know:

Where will the race be passing through Wakefield?

Stage 2 of the men’s race and Stage 1 of the women’s races will both pass through parts of the district as they ride from Barnsley to Bedale.

The cyclists will enter the Wakefield district at Ryhill and travel through Wintersett towards Nostell Priory, before heading along the B6428 into Purston Jaglin.

The riders will turn left onto Pontefract Road and ride through Featherstone towards Pontefract, travelling through Town End junction along the A645 and turning left at North Baileygate before following Monkhill Lane and Spittal Hardwick Lane into Airedale.

Once in Airedale, the cyclists will head to Redhill Drive, Queen’s Park Drive and Ferrybridge Road before arriving on Bridge Street, travelling over Lock Lane Bridge and out of the district towards Allerton Bywater.

Coun Jacquie Speight, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport, said: “I’m very pleased that we’re welcoming this fantastic sporting event back to our district.

“It generates a lot of interest and enthusiasm and is an excellent platform to showcase our area and encourage visitors into the area.

“I hope that once again hundreds of spectators will line the route and the Tour will be just as successful as in previous years, giving another huge boost to our district.”

Race times and traffic disruption - plan your day on May 3

To minimise disruption, rolling road closures are being put in place during both races instead of full closures.

They will come into effect approximately 15 minutes before the races pass through and are likely to last a maximum of 45 minutes.

The women’s race is expected to enter Notton at around 9.25am and leave Castleford at around 10am, based on a 9am start at Barnsley.

The men’s race is expected to enter Notton at around 3pm and leave Castleford at around 3.30pm, based on a 2.45pm start at Barnsley.

Times are approximate and are subject to change. Further updates will be posted here. For the latest information, visit the Tour de Yorkshire website.

It has also been confirmed that the exit slip roads of Junction 32 of the M62 are expected to be closed from approximately 9.40am until 10.25am, and from 3.15pm until 4pm. The closures are being facilitated by Highways England on behalf of Welcome to Yorkshire.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to plan their day in advance to minimise any inconvenience caused and spectators are encouraged to ensure they are in their preferred location in good time.

Approximate race times

Women's race, based on a 9.05am start in Barnsley:

Notton: 9.23am.

Ryhill: 9.28am.

Nostell: 9.34am.

Purston Jaglin: 9.41am.

Pontefract: 9.45am.

Castleford: 9.52 am.

Men's race, based on a 2.45pm start in Barnsley:

Notton: 3.02pm.

Ryhill: 3.07pm.

Purston Jaglin: 3.18pm.

Pontefract: 3.21pm.

Castleford: 3.27pm.

Streets and section of roads that will be affected

Bleakley Lane, Notton: Full length.

Notton Lane, Notton: Bleakley Lane / Chevet Lane to Navvy Lane.

Navvy Lane, Royston: Full length.

Church Lane, Havercroft: Navvy Lane / Cold Hiendley Common Lane to Ten Lands Lane.

Ten Lands Lane, Havercroft: Full length.

Havercroft Green (B6428), Ryhill, Full length.

Mill Lane, Ryhill: Full length.

School Lane, Ryhill: Full length.

Nostell Lane, Ryhill: Full length.

Swine Lane, Wintersett: Full length.

Garmil Lane, Wragby: Swine Lane to Doncaster Road (A638).

Doncaster Road (A638), Wragby: Garmil Lane to Cross Hands Lane.

Cross Hands Lane, Wragby (B6428): Full length.

Went Lane, Wragby (B6428): Full length.

Ackworth Road (B6421), Featherstone: Went Lane to Hall Street .

Hall Street (B6421), Featherstone: Full length.

Pontefract Road (A645), Featherstone: Hall Street to Wakefield Road (A645), Pontefract.

Wakefield Road (A645), Pontefract: Full length.

Jubilee Way: At the junction with Mill Hill Road, Wakefield Road and Southgate.

Southgate (A645): Full length.

South Baileygate (A645): Southgate to Tanners Row.

Tanners Row: Full length.

North Baileygate: Tanners Row to Mill Dam Lane.

Mill Dam Lane: Full length.

Ferrybridge Road, Pontefract: Mill Dam Lane to Monkhill Lane.

Monkhill Lane: Full length.

Spittal Hardwick Lane, Castleford & Pontefract: Full length.

Holywell Lane, Spittal: Hardwick Road to Fryton Road.

Fryston Road, Holywell Lane to Redhill Drive.

Redhill Drive, Full length.

Queens Park Drive, Redhill Drive to Ferrybridge Road.

Ferrybridge Road, Castleford: Full length.

Bridge Street, Castleford: Full length.

Bin collections on race day

Wakefield Council's waste collection teams will be making slight adjustments to their routes on Friday, May 3. This means Ryhill residents whose bins are due to be emptied on Friday should make sure they put their bin out the night before the race, and leave it out for longer if it hasn’t been emptied, as bin collections may be earlier or later than usual.

Pontefract Crematorium and Garden of Remembrance, and Ryhill Cemetery

People who may be planning on visiting Pontefract Crematorium and Garden of Remembrance, or Ryhill Cemetery, on Friday are being told that it may be best to do so between 11am and 1pm to avoid being affected by additional traffic or the rolling road closures.