VIDEO: Wakefield Gym Club tumblers guide Great Britain to European medals

Great Britain’s junior and senior teams scooped medals at the European Senior and Junior Tumbling Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, thanks to world-class performances from Wakefield Gym Club stars.

Will Finn had an outstanding championships, proving to be one of the hottest junior tumblers in the world during the three days of competition.

Elliott Browne and Will Finn

Elliott Browne and Will Finn

His sensational tumbling and nerves of steel helped great Britain’s junior team win the European title and gold medal.

And in the senior ranks, Elliott Browne registered some of the Great Britain team’s best scores in the final to secure a fine silver medal.

It was a remarkable week of competition for the Wakefield gymnasts, who once again enhanced their club’s and country’s reputations as powerhouses in world tumbling.

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