27 fantastic photos showing champions Wakefield Trinity lifting the Challenge Cup at Wembley in 1960

Here's the day the Wakefield Trinity lads did our city proud by bringing home the Challenge Cup after their 38-5 win over Hull at Wembley Stadium.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 12:52 pm
Trinity winners!

The game was played before a crowd of 79,773, with Wakefield Trinity winning 38 – 5. Trinity's Neil FoxTrinity scored a Cup Final record 20 points (two tries and seven goals), a feat that would not be repeated for another 39 years 1999. Take a look through our photos from the day, along with the city's folk celebrating their return AND a few of the lads back doing their normal 9-5 jobs - not like today's rugby players!

Players are lead onto the pitch for the big game.
Shaking hands with the Duke of Edinburgh at Wembley in 1960.
The Duke of Edinburgh meets the teams.
Trinity players shake hands with the Duke before the game.
Watching eagerly from the sidelines.
Wakefield and Hull battlling it out to be crowned champions.
Going in for the tackle...
The stadium was packed with fans.
Trinity fans were on the edge of their seats throughout the match.
Thousands watched the game.
Shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth as she presents the team with the winning trophy.
Security headed off the fans as the team made their way back to the pitch with the trophy.
Running on the pitch with the cup.
We are the champions!
Bringing the trophy home.
Lots of celebrating for the lads!
The 1960 Trinity team.
The whole city were proud of the Trinity lads.
Showing the trophy with pride.
Thrilled fans of all ages wait for the lads to return home.
Fans waited on the streets to welcome the winning Trinity team home.
Players thanked their fans for support on their return home.
Players were soon back to their 9-5 jobs.
Back to work!
Time to get back to it.
Not long after their win, players needed to get back to their day jobs.
Jobs still needed doing!