Agar: Stadium success will attract new players to Wakefield Wildcats

Richard Agar
Richard Agar

THE green light on development of a new stadium for Wakefield Trinity Wildcats will help the club attract new players in the future, according to boss Richard Agar.

Wakefield finally received news today, Thursday, that the development of a new stadium at the city’s Newmarket Colliery site has been given the go-ahead and Agar believes that the club’s long-term future has been transformed by the announcement.

He said: “It is fantastic news for the club to truly go forward and secure its long-term future.

“It’s a great day and the club have taken some positive steps to move forward over the last 12 months under the new ownership.”

Agar added: “If you want to sign a player on a three-year contract at the moment [long-term viability and security] is naturally a question that gets asked and this is a big step for easing some doubts.

“It’s been a strong catalyst for a lot of sides that a new stadium has helped increase revenues, got investors in place and it has been a big positive on and off the field. I wouldn’t envisage this being any different.”

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