Captain’s Column: Cash problems a concern but we want to finish year with a win

CAPTAIN'S COLUMN: Danny Kirmond.
CAPTAIN'S COLUMN: Danny Kirmond.

The off-the-field problems have obviously been well documented but that was no excuse for how we performed at Huddersfield.

The majority of us didn’t put in the performance that was required in and we let others, such as Ben Cockayne and Paul Aiton, down.

It was extra disappointing that they ‘nilled’ us because we pride ourselves on our attacking play.

People will say it’s because we lost Tim, and Timmy was a big player for us, but we’ve played without him before and played well.

Timmy’s move happened very quickly and it was obviously disappointing from the club’s point of view and for us to lose a teammate.

I think Salford’s offer was one he couldn’t turn down. I think he was really happy at Wakefield and it was not a case of going into the offices and asking to leave, it was a case of the club needing the funds and Timmy had to go.

It’s going to be sad if the squad has to regroup again.

We were in this position three years ago and Rich did a great job getting us together, full credit has to go to him.

A couple of years ago a lot of us were rejects and people may laugh but I was released from Huddersfield, so was Andy Raleigh, and there were others too and we’ve all come together and been a very competitive team.

Hopefully that won’t happen again but obviously there’s a chance it could.

But the most important thing is the club. We could hold on to players but risk not having a club.

These players could leave in two or three years anyway so if we have to sell them to keep the club going then so be it, so long as the club is still here in two or three years that’s most important.

The players’ livelihood is also at stake but it’s not all serious, it’s not all been doom and gloom. They’re a good set of lads who have a bit of banter but there’s obviously a lot of stress and worry in there.

We want to put that to one side and finish well in what’s a big game against Castleford on Sunday.

We want to finish on a high for the fans because they’ve really backed us this season and I think we’ve had some of the biggest crowds supporting us for some time.

After six defeats it’s time for us to repay their faith and give them something to cheer about after some poor performances lately.

It’s about us as players too because it might be the last time we all play together.

That’s something we’ve had a chat about this week. Hopefully it won’t be but even with the cash problems to one side a new season usually brings changes so we want to finish on a high.

Our focus has been on the game but we’ve obviously been wary of what’s been happening off the pitch.

The club needs investment but if fans come and buy season tickets and shirts then that really does help.

It sounds corny but that’s what the club needs right now. The fans have been brilliant with us, especially this season and now the club needs them more than ever.

Hopefully we can put a few smiles on faces in our last match of the season.

I’d also like to mention a fundraising charity cricket match that I’m taking part in on Sunday, September 15.

I’ll be helping form a team to take on Streethouse, who I used to play for, to raise funds for my cousin Ashleigh, who travels all over competing in gymnastics.

It’ll be played at Streethouse CC and everyone is welcome to attend. There might be some familiar faces in my team!

- Danny.