Captain’s Column - I was delighted to receive good news on my injury - and so was Foxy!

CAPTAIN'S COLUMN: Good news on the injury front, great win at Hull, tough challenge against Widnes and ginger beards!
CAPTAIN'S COLUMN: Good news on the injury front, great win at Hull, tough challenge against Widnes and ginger beards!

I was delighted to receive good news on my finger injury from the specialist on Wednesday afternoon.

I ruptured a tendon in there but fortunately I can strap it up, I’ve got a splint on there for a few weeks so I’m able to play which is good news and I’m really happy about that.

There have been some similar finger injuries before in my career and they’ve put me out for about eight weeks.

I’ve been playing quite well and I’m happy with my form so the last thing I needed was to be missing a few weeks, so to get the all clear to play is really good for me.

Peter Fox is really pleased about it too!

We’re quite close knit on the right hand side - me, Dean and Foxy and Timmy as well thrown in there. We’re a tight bunch and we all love each other!

Foxy’s happy when we’re all together, he gets a bit down in the dumps when one of us is missing so he’s really happy to know I’ll be out there with them.

I don’t think I’ll need an operation on it. My finger’s going to be a little bit bent forever now. It’s not too bad, just one of those things - an occupational hazard I guess.

It’s not going to impact on my game, it’s one of those things when you’re playing, it’s just something you have to deal with.

We’ve seen a few players such as Dean commit their futures to the club this season and I’ve always spoke openly that I’d love to stay here longer than 2014.

I’m captain here, I’ve got another year here anyway and I think in the near future we might see something coming out about that.

It’s a place I’m really happy at, we’ve got some great players here. We came in here at the start of last season and it was a new start to everyone but we’ve got a real family environment here and we feel it’s a bit of a new beginning here at Wakefield.

It’s something that’s really pushed into us and it’s something everyone here believes in and I think you can see that with how everyone happy is around the place and how we play for each other as well.

If you look around the squad at the players we’ve got, like Timmy and your more experienced heads like Paul Sykes, it’s good for everyone because they guide us around the park and it’s not a place where you’re doing your own thing, you know your job and you don’t have to worry about anyone else because you know they’re going to do their job.

It’s a good place to play and I’ve been at places before, so-called bigger clubs, and not enjoyed it and been a bit down in the dumps and to come here it’s been a breath of fresh air for me and I think I can say that for a lot of the other players as well. Being happy helps the way you play and that’s definitely one of the factors why everyone’s doing so well.

So I’ve spoke a couple of times with the club and hopefully we can sort something out. Being the captain of my hometown club, I’m really proud of that. To stay here, we’ve got a few players signed up for the next couple of years, so why not, why can’t we do something.

We go into Monday’s game against Widnes having picked up a great win at Hull FC. They’ve been really good at home. I know they’ve had a couple of losses now but they’re a really good team and you look at what they spend on the cap and the players they’ve got and it’s definitely a great win.

Confidence breeds as we saw last year. We don’t really talk about last year much but the confidence grew and it was like a snowball effect. Hopefully we can do the same this year.

Widnes are a bit similar to ourselves really in that I think they’ve come out on the wrong side of a lot of close results, they’ve been playing some really good rugby and they’ve got a lot of strike in there with Kevin Brown and Gareth Hock as well so it’s going to be another difficult game.

The way we’re playing at the minute people will probably have us down as favourites but it’s important that we approach every game as we have the last three and really focus on ourselves to put in a good performance because that’s the most important thing for us.

We know if we look after ourselves we’ll challenge anyone and that’s all we’ve been doing for the last few weeks and it’s shining through.

I’ve heard about some fans wearing a ginger beard at Monday’s game, so that just makes you a bit happier!

I can’t believe they’re doing it to be honest the amount of stick I’ve been getting about the beard!

It’s a nice thing, it’s nice for them to do that and it’s nice to get a bit of recognition for it, not just for the beard but for everything.

I’m glad they’re doing disposable beards because I don’t think too many people would be able to pull this ginger beard off!

I might keep it until the end of the season and try and raise a bit of money with a sponsored shave at the end of the season so if anyone’s got any ideas - get in touch.

- Danny.