Captain’s Column: We didn’t do ourselves justice at Bulls but aim to get back on the horse against Hull KR

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We were all really disappointed on Sunday against Bradford, we didn’t do ourselves justice at all - both as individuals and as a team.

We set some really high standards this year and we worked really hard in pre-season and were confident going into the game and we just didn’t put anything we worked on into practice.

It was disappointing for everyone involved in the club but most of all disappointing for us as a squad because we know what we can do and we know that it wasn’t good enough.

It’s been fairly tough anyway in pre-season, as it always is, but we came in this week and we all wanted to really rip in after what was obviously an awful performance.

The good thing about Super League is you get another chance this week and we’ve come in and really ripped into each other in training and we’ve had a really good week.

We have a scoring system at the club where the coaches let us know what they thought of our performances, we score ourselves as individuals and we score it as a leadership group as well. There’s a lot of ownership on yourself to accept when you’ve done something wrong but also when you’ve done something right as well. So players get the recognition they deserve when they’ve done well but equally so when we have as many people playing as badly as we did at the weekend.

It’s there for everyone to see and it’s there to see what the squad thinks about how you’ve played and that hurts if you’ve not done yourself justice and if you’ve not done the squad justice as well. We are a tight knit bunch and it’s not nice to let your fellow peers and friends down. It’s very honest and that’s how we run things, everyone is honest with each other.

The coaching staff are honest, their door’s always open and we can go and be honest with them which is a good way for things to go and it’s a very open environment - I think it works really well.

We don’t have a wooden spoon for who finishes bottom of the points at the end of the season but there’s quite a few so-called tight members of the squad who like to take advantage of some awards!

Martin Clawson likes to sometimes put up a top-five of the tightest players on the board and last year he ran a few awards, maybe a free meal out for the top points scorer so there was definitely a lot of competition for that. A free feed around here is like gold dust for some players! If you left Kyle Wood and Oli Wilkes in a room with one meal ticket there would be only one person coming out, it’d be a fight to the death!

Looking ahead to Hull KR, they are obviously a really strong team. They’ve got a great pack of forwards that they work off the back of and some really smart half-backs.

It’s going to be a great challenge for us but a great opportunity to get back on the horse and put things right what we did wrong last week.

It is at home in front of our fans who were great last year, and also on the Sky cameras to a massive audience.

People may be talking us down now and maybe have a little lack of respect for us after last weekend, but we’ve still got a lot of confidence in what we can do. We’ve had one bad result but we’re going to put that behind us and have a good week.

- Danny.