Captain’s Column: Wildcats’ go-kart championships came at just the right time

ON TRACK: The top three at Wakefield's go-kar championships
ON TRACK: The top three at Wakefield's go-kar championships
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After the disappointment of the Warrington defeat all the lads went go-karting on Monday and it was just what we needed.

We went along to F1 Indoor Karting in Wakefield and it was a great day. It was a bit of a break from the usual training and a bit different, Rich is good at sorting these kind of days out for us.

As you can see from the picture above I won! Paul Aiton just managed to pip third place.

It wasn’t all smiles though - Ollie Wilkes and Justin Poore fell out because Ollie took Justin out in one of the races!

He took himself out of the final, too, with that move though so he was gutted because he’d been telling everyone about his skills on the circuit.

Poor Richie Mathers came dead last. Max Jowitt joined us and I don’t think he’s even had any driving lessons yet but he still beat Richie!

It came at a good time after Saturday’s defeat and got everyone’s mood back up.

Wolves are obviously a really talented team and they’ve spent the full salary cap so they’re always going to be tough opponents.

We went there and tried our best again and although there were a few points in the game where we were under a lot of pressure I thought we hung in there really well to stay in the game.

Although it was disappointing hopefully the fans can see that we’re absolutely giving our all for the club.

The play-offs are not impossible but Saturday’s defeat make things more difficult for us.

We’ve had a chat about playing for the pride in the shirt and that’s something that we have to do in the final three matches, not just for the shirt and for the fans but for us as players too.

We’ve lost the last four games in a row and it’s not often we experience that so we’re trying to scrape three wins together to finish the season and hopefully we can do that.

There’s absolutely no danger of anyone being in ‘holiday’ mode, we set ourselves personal high standards and we don’t want to let the fans down.

St Helens will be tough but hopefully we can get the first of three wins that we’re looking to finish with.

They’ve had tough luck with injuries this year but they’re still a good squad.

My dad showed me the report linking me with a move to Salford City Reds last week but it was the first I’d heard of it.

I’ve only just signed my new contract here at Wakefield and I think everyone is being linked with Salford - so at least I haven’t been left out! Everyone knows how happy I am as captain of this club.

- Danny.