Carter: Wakefield Wildcats were 30 minutes from Championship One

Michael Carter
Michael Carter

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats were half-an-hour from becoming a Championship One club according to chairman Michael Carter.

In an exclusive interview with the Wakefield Express this week, Carter explains how close Trinity came to going into administration and falling out of Super League.

Looking back on the moment in August when he and director Chris Brereton took over at the club, Carter said: “We were half-an-hour from going into administration. Me and Chris were sat there at the point where we had to sign up to get a loan from the RFL and we both thought: ‘Are we going to do this or not?’

“We believed what we could do at the club and we believed that we could take the loan and pay it back over the next 18 months but it was that close.

“Some people think that if we had gone into administration we would have been in the Championship next year. We wouldn’t have been in the Championship, we would have been in Championship One, at best.”

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