Wakefield Trinity Ladies hoping to play more games at Belle Vue next season

Wakefield Ladies head coach Wayne Hirst wants more games at Belle Vue next season.
Wakefield Ladies head coach Wayne Hirst wants more games at Belle Vue next season.

Wakefield Trinity Ladies head coach Wayne Hirst is hoping that his side will be able to play more games at Belle Vue in 2019.

Trinity Ladies were accepted into Women’s Super League at the beginning of December, following a hugely-successful year in the Women’s Championship.

And with his side now in the top tier of the women’s game, Hirst wants his team to start playing more games on Super League turf.

“Everyone is eager to get going,” said Hirst, who will take his first pre-season training this Monday.

“We played at Belle Vue once or twice last year and the girls loved playing on a Super League field and being in the changing rooms.

“There was a buzz around and hopefully next year we will be able to do it more.

“Some of the games will be live-streamed but for that to happen the games have to happen in a Super League ground.

“That is one of the reasons why we will be playing more games at Belle Vue.

“We have got a good three months pre-season to get in, it gives us plenty of time.

“We are also hoping to get in at least two or three friendlies beforehand as well.

“Players are going to have to get used to each other as well as me and how we have been playing for the last year.

“The players will soon pick it up, it is nothing new really, just different terms and whatever else may be slightly different.

“It is going to be a good three months getting to know everyone and being ready for the first weekend of the season in April.”

Hirst also hopes that having another top-tier side in Wakefield will help to speed up any plans relating to a new community stadium for Trinity.

He added: “I would love to say that us playing at Belle Vue would help with the stadium.

“As someone who has been a Wakefield fan for many years, to see the club get a new stadium and if we could be a part of it - that would be ace but we will just have to wait and see.

“I know that the club have been trying their best and tried their best to push for it.

“It is a little bit out of our hands but it would be nice.

“The club as a whole seems to be on a real high at the moment, with the signings that the first team has made and with the Ladies getting into Super League."