Wakefield Wildcats: Carter no longer a ‘dissenter’ as Agar uses French connection

Richard Agar
Richard Agar

He may have been a ‘dissenter’ of Richard Agar in the past but chairman Michael Carter now believes that the Trinity head coach is the man who will inspire success next season.

With relegation from Super League a real possibility next season, Carter is desperate to see Wakefield Trinity Wildcats hold on to their top flight status.

And Richard Agar is the right man to lead the team, according to Carter, who said: “He is a very good coach.

“When he was first appointed, I was in the dissenters because I was a Hull FC fan at the time and, not knowing the ins and outs at the club, I wasn’t over-confident with him as a coach, thinking that they had under-performed.

“But subsequently, I have found Richard to be an absolutely fantastic coach.

“I have great belief in him as a coach. I think he will do a fabulous job for us next year and I think he will keep us in the top 12.”

Carter also revealed that Agar, who led France in the Rugby League World Cup, may use his French connections to bring new players to the Wildcats.

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