Wakefield Wildcats: Chris Tuson to decide on whether to go through with move from Wigan Warriors

DECISION TIME: Chris Tuson in action against Wakefield.
DECISION TIME: Chris Tuson in action against Wakefield.

Wigan Warriors forward Chris Tuson is weighing-up whether to go through with his move to Wakefield Trinity Wildcats next season.

Tuson agreed a two-year deal with Wildcats from 2014 earlier this year but Wakefield head coach Richard Agar has revealed the player could make a u-turn on his decision given the club’s current financial difficulties.

Agar has discussed the matter with the player and says Wakefield would not hold him to the move if he decided against it.

“I’ve spoke to Chris Tuson, explaining the situation” he said.

“You’ve got to take into account when I sat in front of Chris Tuson, however long ago it was, I sold the club to him and I was in a position where I thought we were going to get another three or four signings, at least two of which were pretty much agreed, to sit alongside him, adding strength to our team and try and challenge for the eight next year and hopefully push on and improve everything we were doing that.

“That’s not the case, we’ve had the rug pulled from under us and that’s not what Chris signed up for, so I’ve given him the picture but I’ve also said it’s not what we sold him and it’s not what he signed up for so that decision is with Chris at the moment on whether he’s going to go through with the move.

“I’ve spoke to the people above me and we wouldn’t hold him to the move if he decided that was the case but I did reiterate to him that I am still extremely keen to have him on board next year.”

Wigan offered the 23-year-old a new deal to stay at the DW Stadium but the player opted for a move to the Rapid Solicitors Stadium instead.

Now he faces a big decision over whether to become a Wildcat in 2014 or put his future elsewhere.