Wakefield Wildcats: Chris Tuson to meet Wildcats and decide on future

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Wakefield Trinity Wildcats should find out in the next week whether forward Chris Tuson will go through with his move from Wigan Warriors.

Earlier this year the 23-year-old turned down a new Wigan deal to pen a two-year contract with Wakefield for next season.

That deal came before Wakefield’s financial problems came to light, however, and Wildcats have said they will not hold the player to a move.

Wakefield head coach Richard Agar is set to meet Tuson to discuss the move and although club chairman Michael Carter still wants to see him at Wakefield next year, he will understand if he decides against it.

“We need an answer out of Chris and Chris needs to know what he’s doing next season so the longer it drags on the worse it is,” he said.

“We’d still love him to come and if he came he’d be covered in our budget.

“But he was sold a vision that now isn’t the same vision so if he didn’t want to come we wouldn’t hold him to it.”

Carter says if Tuson does not go through with the move the money put into the deal would be made available to bring someone else in.

He said: “We’d look to invest in another player.”