Wakefield Wildcats coach Agar urges Super League to give Vikings 'i-pitch' a chance

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WAKEFIELD Wildcats head coach Richard Agar has urged the rest of Super League to give Widnes Vikings' 3G pitch a chance this season.

Wakefield became the first Super League side to play on the Stobart Stadium 'i-pitch' when they kicked-off the 2012 campaign with a 32-14 victory in Cheshire on Friday night.

And although Agar noted some concerns about the artificial surface in his post-match press conference, he also highlighted the positives it can bring to Widnes and hopes other clubs will "give it a go".

"I'm not going to knock anybody at this point," he said.

"I think one game is early to judge. It's obviously going to be a talking point. I can see the massive positives that it brings to the club. There are some cut knees but you get cut knees in rock-hard conditions in the middle of the summer so I'm sure the boys are tough enough to deal with that.

"Under footing I thought there were a couple of times it looked a little difficult but having said that the conditions on the night might have played a part in that, I don't know how it plays when the weather is hot and it's not as dewy and damp as it was tonight.

"The jury's out, let's all give it a chance. I think everybody's going to be quick to really pick on the negatives about it. There are a lot of positives so let's see how it plays over a little bit of a test of time before we all start complaining that we've all got sore knees. Let's give it a go."

Wakefield had prepared to play on the artificial surface at Widnes by holding training sessions on the 3G pitch at Crofton Community Centre.

However, Wildcats full-back Richie Mathers was one of those players to pick up cuts and bruises from the Widnes pitch. And he was quick to criticise the surface by posting photographs of his grazed arms and legs using his Twitter account after the match.

He tweeted: "The I pitch is an absolute joke... no skin on elbows & knees, £atrocious." He went on to tweet: It's nothing aimed at widnes, great club & happy they are bk in.. It's just the surface, in my experience, isn't right for super league."

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