Wakefield Wildcats: Lack of games for players frustrates Agar

Richard Agar
Richard Agar
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WAKEFIELD Trinity Wildcats head coach Richard Agar is concerned that the younger members of his squad are not getting enough game time and believes that the dual-registration process is failing the club.

Only two Wakefield players have gone to other clubs on dual-registration since Agar took over and he believes that there needs to be a change in the system where a maximum of three over-age players can play in U20s games.

He said: “We have got a number of kids who are too old to play in the U20s but we can only play three over-age.

“The dual registration process just isn’t working for us at the moment. It works for some clubs but I am not sure that one model fits all.

“There are clubs who have either got no space under dual-registration or simply don’t need a spot for our players.

“We have got players like James Davey, Russ Spiers, Dale Morton and Chris Annekin and some of those boys have played less than one game in eight weeks.

“My concern is that if the chance does come around [to play first team rugby] they are not going be ready to take it because they won’t be hardened for match conditions.”

Agar added: “These boys are training really well and impressing us and we need to see them play but the system is just not allowing us to.

“The landscape in the Championship has changed a bit this year and I am sure that as time goes on and some teams get injuries, [players] will be able to go out but it has been very difficult to share game time out and get these guys some football.”

Agar suggests allowing five over-age players to play at U20s level rather than three or an increase in the number of U23s and ‘A’ team games to help develop his players.

Agar said: “We are a club that relies on our squad heavily and it is proving very frustrating for us at the moment.

“We have had some expressions of interest from Championships clubs but ideally we would like to have players playing under our own banner.

“The system at the moment is stopping a number of people playing the game and I am not sure we have the necessary depth of talent to have too many potential Super League players sitting out and not playing.”

“I can’t blame Championship clubs. If I am a [Championship] coach I am not sure I want too many dual-registration players because I want to know who is training and playing every week.”

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