Wakefield Wildcats prop Kyle Amor opts to watch surgery on his broken hand

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FACING Super League’s most fierce forwards should be child’s play for Wakefield Trinity Wildcats prop Kyle Amor – after he opted to watch surgeons operate on his hand.

The Cumbrian broke his hand while producing an outstanding effort in Wakefield’s opening win at Widnes, shown live by Sky Sports.

And he was wide awake during surgery last Tuesday to insert screws to fix the bad break.

“The hand bone was shattered – the surgeon said I had made a good job of it,” quipped Amor.

“I had a local anaesthetic and thought I might as well look and asked them to pull my bed up so I could see.

“It was a bit weird seeing someone cut in to your hand and seeing your bone. He was fairly happy with it.”

The Ireland international will learn the extent of the injury in a fortnight, when the cast is removed, and he faces up to eight weeks on the sidelines, dealing a major blow to Richard Agar’s side.

“There are worse injuries,” added Amor, who has shrugged off his initial disappointment.

“And it’s better that it happens now at the start of the year than later, when we hopefully have important cup games, or are knocking around the play-offs.

“After it happened I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. But after a couple of days off I’ll be a face around training and try to be positive.

“I had worked really hard to convince Rich that I should get a starting place, and when I’m back I’ll find it harder to get it back.”

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