Wakefield Wildcats: Wildcats chairman confirms intention to quit Belle Vue

Wakefield Wildcats chairman Michael Carter.
Wakefield Wildcats chairman Michael Carter.

WAKEFIELD TRINITY Wildcats chairman Michael Carter says he has begun a search for a ground to play ‘home’ games next year.

Carter has given six months’ notice of Wildcats’ intention to quit their Belle Vue base due to the high cost of playing there.

The club rent the stadium from Bank of Ireland and would be willing to stay next season, if running costs could be renegotiated.

“The rental we are paying is not fit for purpose, it is too much and we can’t afford it,” Carter said.

“We have made an offer which would be sustainable for us going forward in Super League and, worst-case, the Championship, but we haven’t got a reply.”

Last week was the cut-off date for Wildcats giving notice of their intention to leave the venue ahead of next season.

Carter admitted the club’s landlords could simply allow them to walk away, but pointed out there is a condition on the site preventing building there until the club have a new stadium in the city which is suitable for Super League.

“It is just a case of waiting and seeing what happens,” Carter said.

“We have made inquiries with different grounds around the area. There’s nothing concrete, but there are options around the area - not necessarily in the Wakefield postcode. We have to know whether the city of Wakefield and the powers that be want Wakefield Trinity Wildcats to remain in Wakefield.”