WATCH - Stand-in skipper Danny Kirmond 'privleged' to be leading Wakefield Trinity once again

Kirmond celebrates victory with Fifita.  PIC: James Heaton.
Kirmond celebrates victory with Fifita. PIC: James Heaton.

Injuries to stand-off pair Danny Brough and Jacob Miller have left former Wakefield Trinity skipper Danny Kirmond back in charge of the captaincy duties.

The second-rower captained Wakefield from 2012 up until the end of last season but handed the duties to teammate Jacob Miller in December.

Ryan Hampshire kicked the winning penalty on Friday night. PIC: James Heaton.

Ryan Hampshire kicked the winning penalty on Friday night. PIC: James Heaton.

Kirmond managed only 12 appearances last season after suffering a knee injury in June.

However, the forward admits he feels "honoured" to be given the captaincy duties while Miller and Brough are sidelined.

"It is just enjoyable to be out there again," said Kirmond.

"Obviously with Milky and Broughy out I have been leading the team and that is always something that is a privilege to do - it is a real honour.

"When you see our fans, you can see how much it means to them.

"Any chance I get to pull this shirt on is a real privilege and it something I really enjoy doing."

Kirmond believes that Wakefield's spirit is unquestionable following their win over Huddersfield Giants on Friday night.

Trinity won 26-25 at their West Yorkshire rivals, thanks to Ryan Hampshire's late penalty goal.

The win came at a cost, however, with Tinirau Arona ruled out for the season after he ruptured his ACL during the first half of the fixture.

"That is a really important win for us," insisted Kirmond.

"It is always a really tough place to come, they are a team that works really hard for each other.

"I think that losing Arona halfway through that game: he is one of those forwards that does a lot of work for us.

"It was really important that we managed to stick together, they threw everything at us in the second half."

However, the veteran forward insists that Trinity just need to "do their job" and not worry about the players that they have sitting on the sidelines.

He added: "That is what this team is all about, it is about dealing with adversity.

"You can sulk about all these players we have got missing or you can get on and do your job.

"I think everyone that has come in, and no disrespect to myself or other players that are squad players, but we have come in and done a really good job.

"And that is why it is important to have a really good squad and a really good depth of squad, and that is what we have managed to build here."