Wakefield Tennis League is proving to be as competitive as ever

Wakefield Tennis League has been in existence for almost a century and many local clubs, some no longer in existence, have helped to make it one of the most popular and enjoyable leagues in West Yorkshire.

Since 1925, when the league was formed, fixtures have been played every year, apart from during the Second World War, and, of course 2020, when the Covid Pandemic struck.

The league was originally named the West Riding Tennis League, but changed its name to the Wakefield and District Tennis League in the 1930s.

Original teams in the league included Darton, Denby Grange and Holmfield, whose courts were situated behind the Whinney Moor Hotel on Horbury Road at Lupset.

Sandal Tennis Club’s A Team are currently leading Division One of the Wakefield League: Caroline Huft, Rob Berry, Kathryn Siddons and Michael Graham.

Notton, Rothwell, Oulton, Crofton, Lofthouse, Castleford and Walton were other tennis clubs that also played regularly in the league.

Many of these were clubs associated with businesses in the local area that have now stopped trading and their tennis clubs were also lost.

Slazengers Sports Tennis Club was also a stalwart of the league for many years. After interest in the tennis club declined, they dropped out of the league, but the club has now been resurrected and has started competing once again in the league this year.

Wakefield Tennis League’s Division Two leaders Wakefield B: James Robinson, Cath Hampshire, Jenny Kiely and Gary Brian.

Many clubs are now flourishing, as interest in tennis has increased dramatically since the Covid pandemic, with a 22 per cent increase in people participating in the sport.

This season’s league is proving once again to be competitive, with 14 teams playing in two divisions.

With just a handful of fixtures left to play, Sandal A are setting the pace at the top of Division One and are hoping to hold on to their lead to snatch the championship crown away from last year’s winners Wakefield A.

The fight for promotion from the second division could go to the last match, but Wakefield B are in a strong position to secure the title and look like holding off the challenges from Denby Dale, Ackworth, Batley and Mirfield.

Further information about the Wakefield Tennis League can be found online, by visiting http://www.wakefieldtennisleague.org.uk where up to date league tables, results and fixtures for the 2022 season can be viewed.

Latest league standings:

Division One: Sandal A played 9-won 7-points 15; Barnsley 9-5-12; Sandal B 10-5-12; Wakefield A 9-3-9; Ackworth A 10-2-6; Denby Dale A 9-2-5; West Yorkshire A 8-1-5.

Division Two: Wakefield B played 9-won 7-points 15; Denby Dale B 10-5-11; Ackworth B 10-4-10; Mirfield 9-3-10; Batley 8-3-9; West Yorkshire B 8-2-7; Slazenger 8-0-0.