Here are 8 of the best waterfalls to visit in Britain

Hardraw Force set behind the Green Dragon Inn, near Hawes, WensleydaleHardraw Force set behind the Green Dragon Inn, near Hawes, Wensleydale
Hardraw Force set behind the Green Dragon Inn, near Hawes, Wensleydale
Waterfalls in films are often depicted as romantic, exotic locations. We have some stunning waterfalls around the UK that you can visit and some of them could not be easier to reach.

The best thing about waterfalls, is that they’re actually more impressive in the rain – so do not let the great British weather hold you back.

The experts at GO Outdoors have listed the top most beautiful waterfalls around the UK.

High Force, County Durham

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Walkers cross the River Twiss on the Ingleton Waterfalls trailWalkers cross the River Twiss on the Ingleton Waterfalls trail
Walkers cross the River Twiss on the Ingleton Waterfalls trail

You can find High Force at Forest-in-Teesdale, High Force is very popular with visitors and has a visitor centre, car park and facilities that you can visit.

High Force is not the tallest of England’s waterfalls, but it does have the highest volume of water falling over an unbroken drop. High Force stands at 72ft high.

Falls of Glomach, Rosshire

With a drop of around 370ft, the Falls of Glomach are one of the tallest in Britain but you are going to have to put the work in if you want to find them.

It’s worth it though to visit one of the tallest single-drop falls and because it’s a little off the beaten track, it will not be as busy with tourists. If the stunning falls are not enough to entice you, it’s also worth keeping an eye out for wild life such as: golden eagles, golden plover, herds of red deer and wild goats.

Hardraw Force, Yorkshire Dales

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It’s claimed that Hardraw Force is England’s highest unbroken overground waterfall at nearly 100ft high. It is located just outside of Hardraw in the Yorkshire Dales, with the Pennine Way passing close by.

A unique feature of Hardraw Force is that, to view it – you have to go through a pub called the Green Dragon Inn .

For movie fans, this waterfall was used in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for the scene where Maid Marion catches Robin bathing under a waterfall.

Aira Force, Lake District

Arguably the most famous fall in the Lake District, Aira Force is located in Matterdale.

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Aira Force is a popular fall so can get quite busy, but it’s worth a visit as you can take in the surrounding Ullswater area as well. It’s an approximately 72ft fall with a car park near by for easier access.

Ingleton Waterfall Trail, Yorkshire Dales

The Ingleton Waterfall Trail is a route in the Yorkshire Dales taking in a number of fantastic looking waterfalls including Pecca Falls and the most famous of them all Thornton Force – a tropical looking 46ft waterfall over a limestone cliff. The route is family friendly and is an ideal day out for a picnic and well worth taking your camera.

Becky Falls, Dartmoor

Becky Falls, or Becka Falls as it used to be known is a park attraction in Dartmoor. While the falls are behind an admission, they are part of a park that features lovely family walks and family activities such as competitions and a Meet the Meerkats experience.

The falls mark a natural centrepiece as the water cascades over boulders to a roughly 65ft drop. Becky Falls would make a great day out for young families.

Hareshaw Linn, Northumberland

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Hareshaw Linn is a pretty wooded valley that features a three-mile there-and-back walk that captures a waterfall. The relatively easy walk is suitable for most abilities. Look out for wildlife such as great spotted woodpeckers and red squirrels.

Fairy Pools, Gle nbrittle, Isle of Skye

Ideal for walkers and wild swimmers alike, the Fairy Pools are vivid blues and greens and although the falls may not be as large as some, they make for an all together magical experience.