Lloyd Cole ... he's got perfect sync!

Joined by two original bandmates, Lloyd Cole caused quite a commotion at York Barbican.
Lloyd Cole captivated York Barbican audience (photo Paul Shoul)Lloyd Cole captivated York Barbican audience (photo Paul Shoul)
Lloyd Cole captivated York Barbican audience (photo Paul Shoul)

Early in first of two superb sets, the evergreen artist mid-song berated the lighting technician, after which he was sweetness. And light!

Light fantastic, actually, as the accomplished singer songwriter commanded centre stage, accompanied by long-time associates Blair Cowan and Neil Clark, instrumental in latest great album On Pain and previous popular platter Guesswork.

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New to the group is Scottish/Icelandic drummer Signy Jakobsdottir, who had to learn 32 tracks sharpish for current 22 UK and European whistle-stop dates within packed month of performances.

Portrait of the artist as an older manPortrait of the artist as an older man
Portrait of the artist as an older man

Formed four decades past in Glasgow, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions scored four top 20 UK albums and five top 40 singles as the philosophy and English student cut his musical composition teeth to widespread acclaim and commercial success.

Having since crowdsourced couple of discs, he also now curates Patreon page offering devotees access to coveted rarities and occasional bonus basement gigs.

Boasting back catalogue encompassing 16 studio albums, the charismatic frontman, admittedly "excited to still be finding new methods, new perspectives, new sounds," stormed through professionally delivered succession of fans' firm favourites.

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Acclaimed debut studio LP Rattlesnakes spawned pop-perfect singles Perfect Skin and Forest Fire as well as eponymous track, all more than standing test of time when revisited live before appreciative audience in Yorkshire, far cry from the musician's Massachusetts home.

Commotions' classics continued throughout in fondly familiar shape of Brand New Friend, Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?, Mr Malcontent, Why I Love Country Music, Mainstream and Perfect Blue.

Another well received revisit was No More Love Songs, recalling the consistently dulcet vocalist's time with The Negatives, featuring US singer-songwriter Jill Sobule and former The Dambuilder's bassist Dave Derby.

Solo standards included timeless Trigger Happy and The Young Idealists as well as ensuring classics Undressed and Violins, complemented by equally expertly crafted Don't Look Back, Wolves, The Idiot, Myrtle and Rose, Mister Wrong and Night Sweats.

Belying his 62 years, the father of two remains enigmatic and articulate as ever, brooding as before, albeit his once floppy fringe several shades lighter than during darker '80s heyday.