Long Division Festival 2019: Everything that's happening on Saturday

Wakefield's Long Division festival has returned, and is expected to draw thousands of people to the city centre over the weekend.

Friday, 31st May 2019, 4:12 pm
This is everything that's happening on the Saturday of Wakefield's Long Division Festival 2019.

Taking place over five days, Long Division has become Wakefield’s premier arts and culture event, blending a mix of famous faces and emerging artists.

Following a hiatus in 2017, the event was revived last year and saw more than 3,000 people head for the city.

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This is everything that's happening on the Saturday of Wakefield's Long Division Festival 2019.

Alongside music, there is comedy, poetry, and free family events across 14 venues.

This year will see more than 100 artists perform on the Saturday alone, including former Joy Division and New Order bassists, Peter Hook (right). Sunday’s top act will be Queen tribute act, Mercury.

While a lot of the top acts require a ticket, there are plenty of events which you can attend free of charge.

This is everything that's happening on the Saturday of Wakefield's Long Division Festival 2019.

This is everything that's happening at the festival on Saturday, June 1.

For a full list of Sunday's performers, click here.

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Warehouse 23

This is everything that's happening on the Saturday of Wakefield's Long Division Festival 2019.

? 1pm, False Advertising

? 2pm, Hello Cosmos

? 3pm, Mansion of Snakes

? 4pm, Imperial Wax

? 5pm, Menace Beach

? 6pm, We Were Promised Jetpacks

? 7.30pm, Asian Dub Foundation

? 9pm, We Are Scientists

? 10.30pm, Peter Hook & The Light

Theatre Royal

? 1.15pm, Ric Neale

? 2.15pm, Sister John

? 3.15pm, One Day After School

? 4.15pm, Avi Buffalo

? 5.30pm, Keston Cobblers Club

? 6.45pm, Bill Ryder-Jones

? 8.15pm, Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert

? 9.30pm, Penguin Cafe

Mechanics Theatre

? 1pm, Iamomega

? 2pm, Ancient Infinity Orchestra

? 3.15pm, Manchester Jazz Collective

? 4.30pm, Cruel World

? 5.30pm, Liela Moss

? 6.30pm, Cowtown

? 7.30pm, International Teachers of Pop

? 8.45pm, Bis

? 10pm, Art Brut

Henry Boons

? 1pm, Shake Your Halo Down

? 2pm, Brosnan

? 3pm, Knuckle

? 4pm, Vibe-ology

? 5.15pm, Alessi's Ark

? 6.15pm, Disguises

? 7.15pm, Cloth

? 8.15pm, Cowgirl

? 9.15pm, Broken Chanter

? 10.15pm, Mik Artistik's Ego Trip

Counting House

? 12.45pm, Tiger By The Tal

? 1.45pm, Homesteads

? 2.45pm, Let Man Loose

? 3.45pm, Joe Russell Brown

? 4.45pm, Two Weeks in Nashville

? 5.45pm, Sly Antics

? 6.45pm, Sex Cells

? 7.45pm, Talkboy

? 8.45pm, The Golden Age of TV

? 9.45pm, Skinny Living

Town Hall

? 4.30pm, Joey Page

? 5.15pm, Vikki Stone

? 6.10pm, Silky

? 6.50pm, Tanyalee Davis

? 7.30pm, Njambi McGrath

? 8.10pm, Chriss Betts Vs. The Audience

? 9.05pm, Jayde Adams

Precinct Stage

? 12pm, Heir

? 1pm, Brooders

? 2pm, Knitting Grooves

? 3pm, Living Body

? 4pm, Graft

? 5pm, Dead Naked Hippies

The Hop

? 12pm, Nuke Town

? 1pm, Macroscope

? 2pm, Fossway

? 3pm, Allora

? 4pm, My Fake Empire

? 5pm, Tranqualite

? 6pm, Sandra's Wedding

? 7pm, The Hyde

? 8pm, The New Nostalgia


? 3.15pm, Jelly Skin

? 4.15pm, The Passing Fancy

? 5.15pm, Harry Rhodes

? 6.15pm, Fran Bundey

? 7.15pm, Seckra

? 8.15pm, Ceiling Demons

? 9.15pm, Oliver Asadi

? 10.15pm, Too Many T's


? 4.30pm, Patrick McCallion

? 5.15pm, Thomas and the Orchestra

? 6pm, Manuka

? 6.45pm, Mayshe Mayshe

? 7.30pm, Will Killen

? 8.15pm, LIO

Jolly Boys

? 3.30pm, Singing Mums

? 4.15pm, Fran Minney

? 5pm, Sleepyhead

? 5.45pm, Chloe Juliette Beswick

? 6.30pm, Guy North

? 7.15pm, Alice Simmonds

? 8pm, Dan Greaves

? 8.45pm, Scott Wainwright

The Art House

? 1.30pm, Nick Conroy

? 1.45pm, Open Mic #1

? 1.50pm, Victoria Jagger

? 2pm, Open Mic #2

? 2.05pm, Alex Asher

? 2.30pm, Open Mic #3

? 2.35pm, Jimmy Andrex

? 2.55pm, Rose Drew

? 3.25pm, Lulia Togara

? 3.40pm, Steve Williams

? 4pm, Gill Lambert

? 4.30pm, William Thirsk-Gaskill

? 4.40pm, Joe Williams

? 5.10pm, Helen Rhodes

? 5.35pm, Joe Hakim

Wah Wah Records

? 4pm, Art Brut

Central Marquee

? 11.30am - 7pm, Wristband Exchange & Merch

Wakefield Cathedral

? 12pm - 3.30pm, Napoleon Illrd Installation

? 3.30pm - 4.10pm, Napoleon Illrd Installation

? 4.10pm - 5.30pm, Napoleon Illrd Installation

? 5.30pm - 6.10pm, Napoleon Illrd Installation

14 Cross Street/10 the Bull Ring

? 12.05pm - 9pm, Repeated Subtraction

21 Northgate

? 12pm - 9pm, Mappa Music

41 Northgate

? 12pm - 9pm, I Formed A Band

Radcliffe Place

? 12pm - 9pm, Seanna Doonan Mural

For more information about acts, venues and ticket, visit the Long Division website.